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prologue - inspiration behind the film....

We have been trying to find a metaphor to make a film which questions why we do the things we do. The rise in global terrorism has changed the landscape around us and therefore we feel resistance movements are the perfect vehicle for this film. To jog the audience’s memory, the film uses in its narrative events, which have occurred in Chechnya in the recent past to give the viewers a feeling of ‘we have heard of this’ or ‘seen this before,’ but have we? A human being is above any concept or religion and in the name of Allah, in the name of Christ or, even in the name of truth, nothing can or should justify violence. We need to see what we do to be able to show future generations the mistakes we make. Everyone is a human being like the rest of us, but what’s important is that we show what human beings are capable of. On another level the film is a personal story about a journalist who has lost all his desire for life yet somehow through his harrowing experiences is able to discover his zest for life. Upon realising that he has to look after an orphaned child, it is this responsibility that he feels for the child that lies at the heart of the story – who is responsible for our children, if not us.

what makes people take up arms?

People have had enough. People just like you and me have taken up arms because they have lost someone in the Chechen war. Young people see it as their duty to take up arms to avenge the death of their next of kin. They arrive at Vakha’s house, a former Chechen freedom fighter living near the border with his granddaughter. Akhmad leaves behind a large armaments cache at his house. Chris gradually understands Akhmad’s grievances against the Russians after witnessing the brutality and the destruction caused by the Russians in Chechnya. When the group arrives at Mohammed’s camp, they find it scorched. In his rage, Akhmad seizes a hospital building in a Chechen village and demands the release of his father. When he finds out that his father is dead, Akhmad loses control and kills some of the hostages and demands the return of his father’s body and a bus for their getaway.

what would you do if you were in their situation?