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Russian writer Igor Hertzev

English director Neil Bell

German producer Marco Gilles

German producer Maria Pazoukhine

Georgian producer Vladimir Katacharava

Russian producer Marina Kozhevnikova
Russian writer Igor Hertzev was a participant at the 2005 BERLINALE TALENT CAMPUS. His previous feature and short film scripts were screened at numerous festivals and won several prizes around the world.

writer & director
English director Neil Bell based in Sweden has directed and produced many shorts and documentaries which have been shown at several film festivals. He has also won and been nominated for a BAFTA. His documentary feature ‘WELCOME TO SOMALIA’ is in post-production and THE ASSIGNMENT will be his debut feature.

German producers Maria Pazoukhine and Marco Gilles, gilles∙mann filmproduktion, have produced several international co-productions including “Bibliotheque Pascal” which was the Hungarian entry at the ACADEMY AWARDS in 2011. They have worked internationally with acclaimed directors such as Stephen Frears and film stars such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Whoopi Goldberg and Juliette Lewis. They both attended the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Short films and short animation produced by Maria and Marco have won awards all around the globe and were screened at more than 400 film festivals in more than 60 countries, including Cannes, Berlin and Venice.

Georgian producer Vladimir Katacharava has participated at several training programmes including EAVE and PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE. His upcoming film ‘EPIC’ is a Georgian, Russian, German and UK co-production.

Russian producer Marina Kozhevnikova is a recent EAVE participant. Based in Moscow, Marina has been involved in co-productions for over twelve years and in films for over nineteen either as an actress, exec. producer or producer.